Marketing Your Book

In today’s publishing market, the author needs to be willing and able to promote his or her book.  There are many different avenues to take for the self-published author.  The following is a list of various ways an author’s assistant can help you get the word out.

Press Release Submission.  Whenever possible submit a press release about your book to the free online websites.

Request Book Reviews. There are networking sites such as Writer’s Digest Community and LinkedIn where an author’s book can be put up for review.

Author Interviews.  Arrange interviews with book review sites, blog radio sites that target your reading audience.

Promotional Item Distribution.  Find a vendor to create postcards, bookmarks, business cards, flyers (whatever comes to mind) and distribute them at different events or locations.

Book Fairs.  Attending the local book fair is a great way to promote your book.  If possible, purchase a booth space and fill it with book copies, promotional giveaways (i.e. promo pen), and flyers.  You should plan on attending at least two within the year.

Social Networking.  Sites such as Facebook and Twitter are free spaces to talk about and promote your work.

Independent Bookstores. If your neighborhood has a local bookstore, ask if you can have a book signing there.  Most stores will welcome the free publicity. Plus it works in their favor if the author is from the area. Be sure to leave signed copies for future purchases.

Go the Alumni Route.  Check with the alumni organization of your high school and college.  They always need updates.

If you are interested in hearing more on how an author’s assistant can help you market, take a moment and contact A Novel Space today.

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