Social Networking: Twitter

The basic definition of Twitter is an online social network that allows users to send and read short 140-character text messages also known as “tweets”. Twitter is a fun way to interact with and gain more fans and followers, run a targeted promotion, have by invitation only chats, connect with book reviewers and host events.

Because of Twitter’s character limitations any user of the social network must be able to get their point across in his few words as possible. This requires the user to be concise in whatever they say. The result is information that given in an easy-to-read format. Because of the quick burst of information in life can be said or shared over a short period of time. The more interesting the information the more followers the user will gain.

An author can run a target promotion of their latest book with the use of hashtags. A hashtag in Twitter is a way to group conversations together. As long as someone knows the hashtag name they can follow along with the discussion.

Chats on Twitter are another way to interact people and create a community based on that chat. They can be held weekly, every other day or whenever they are needed. Also another way to get immediate feedback on whatever topic that you chose.

Twitter is also another way to find specific book reviewers for what ever you are writing. You can find them based on the genre they work in and even if they’re in fiction or nonfiction.

Finally you can use Twitter to promote your local events using of course the famous hashtag to focus your event. For example you could put something like #localbookstoreopening and anyone using this particular hashtag would automatically receive any updated information on the event.

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