About Us

The Fiction Writer’s VA


I received my first library card when I was 3 years old and have loved reading books, Photo for Google+especially fiction ever since.  In 2009, looking for a way to blend my corporate and administrative knowledge with the love of books, writing and publishing, I opened the doors of A Novel Space to work with writers by becoming a certified Virtual Author’s Assistant. In late 2011, I expanded services again with the addition of a Virtual Speaker’s Assistant certification to the list of credentials.

Today, I work with fiction authors who struggle with finding time to write, research, locate speaking engagements or handle the paper work. Through A Novel Space, I am their behind-the-scenes right hand that takes these important, but time-consuming duties off their shoulders and gives them the freedom to create the stories readers will enjoy.

What makes A Novel Space different from other virtual assistants is the personalized service; tailored to meet the individual needs of the fiction author. I can manage everything from coordinating their speaking engagements and calendar, communicating with their website designer, the next conference coordinator or their publisher and keep their social media running smooth.

As a result, my clients receive the support of someone who shares their love of fiction writing, and can provide the assistance they need. The final result is a writer who has time to write, showcase their passion, and interact with their readers.