Administrative Services

*Beta-Reader – Feedback on 1st Drafts provide a cross between edits and a critique. A beta reader does not edit a manuscript, but will note the errors for the author to fix. Advice and critiques are other services a beta may perform.

*Research Help – Sift through the search results and sending only the information pertaining to your questions

*Backlist Maintenance – use for creating and maintaining a printable list of previous books for readers to refer to when completing their personal library.  This is useful for the author who has published multiple books, in either a series or single title

*Character Bible – created for the author writing an ongoing series to keep the various characters straight throughout the writing process

*Contest Coordination – for keeping track of all entries, winners, and prize distribution



Book Promotion Services

*Author Website Updates – Maintain your author website, keeping your readers and fans up-to-date with the latest happenings

*Review Requests – Contact book bloggers to arrange reviews on your behalf

*Bookseller Outreach – Create a database of independent and chain bookstores for you. Then maintain database to create, organize, and send book release information to the list

* Virtual Blog Tours – Brainstorm topics related to your book(s), coordination of tour, set-up blog visits, make sure you respond to comments in a timely manner

*Marketing Material Distribution – Brainstorm giveaway ideas, gather quotes from vendors, order, and ship items to the conference coordinators.  Items such as bookmarks, pens, and magnets make great small gifts for readers who attend book signings and conferences.



Self Publishing & Speaker Services

*Coordinate w/other professionals (book designer, editor, proofreader, meeting planners)

*Create and/or update author’s Amazon page and link it to blog

*Establish the ‘Look Inside’ feature on author’s Amazon page

* Coordinate the Speaker’s Web Site and Media Kit – One sheet, bios, images, press releases, and testimonials

*Obtain Permissions for Material Not Owned by the Speaker


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