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LinkedIn is a business oriented based networking website professional networking. While it still handles this aspect of it, today LinkedIn also has areas or groups for fiction and nonfiction writers. Within LinkedIn (which is free to join) a writer can find groups that are specific to the genre they write in.

The way LinkedIn works is really more group participation you have the higher your profile will rank. The higher rank the more people who see your profile. It’s always fun to get the top commentator mentioned on your profile when you participate more often in groups you have joined.

Since LinkedIn like an online resume, your work expertise factors into your profile rank. The more experience you have with different skills the more you’ll find you have in common with other members on LinkedIn. When an author showcases his or her expertise, the people who need their skill set will find them.

An author can use LinkedIn as a research hub because there are plenty of authors with in the groups who have the resources, knowledge, and experience another author may need. If an author looking for information on historical facts such as Civil War there is a group for it. If an author is looking for information on medieval England there is a group for that. There is a group for just about anything another author may need and if can’t be found one can always be created.

Most groups within LinkedIn have a special page just for promotion, whether they are promotions for a product or a new published book.   This would be the section where an author can offer discounts talk about that, mention of signings or anything related to the promotion/marketing of their book.

LinkedIn is also a place where participants can share newfound information whether it’s news article just read, a thought they have, their favorite quote just about anything they wish to share.

Have you considered joining LinkedIn if you’re not a member already?

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