Social Networking: Facebook

For authors a key component of successful book marketing is using the social networks available to him or her online. One of those online networks is Facebook. Facebook page, an author can join groups, hold contests, gain new fans and followers, find book reviewers and share information about their books. They can also provide information on the industry anything else that comes to mind.

Facebook has a variety of groups and author can join and by doing so connect with other authors. The groups can range from specifics on genre to publishing houses. They can be about research or just fans. The group cannot be found in author can start one of their own.

Having a face the contest is easy and can be lots of fun. The content can be as easy or as difficult as the author wants it to be. The prize can be free book either in print or e-book form, swag (such as gift bags) or anything else the author can think of.

A Facebook page allows the author to interact with his or her fans on a more personal level while at the same time increase the potential of gaining new followers. It also provides book reviewers a place to see potential authors to review any different light.

A Facebook page is a free to low-cost way for an author to socially network with people around the globe. Ultimately, an author’s Facebook page is a place for the fans and author to learn more about one another and the author to showcase his or her work and to share information.

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