Researching Historical England


Recently in one of my LinkedIn groups a member asked for suggestions or advice on where to find online research material for her first historical romance novel set in England and France.

England during this time period is one of my favorite areas, so I was happy to help.  Perhaps you too have wondered where to start?  The following websites should help you step into England’s past.


Happy Researching!



Renaissance/Medieval/Victorian/Regency England


*Medieval Life & Times –

*Britain Express –

*The Medieval Village in England – – All about life in a medieval village and so much more.

*Medieval Castle – – A site about the history, design and so much more about castles.

*The Elizabethan World – Life in Tudor England – – Excellent resource site.

*Author Connie Brockway- has what she calls her ‘Etcetera’ page with all sorts of research links

*Author Jo Beverley – has a ‘Guide to Peerage Titles’ page (a list of English titles) –

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