Networking For New Clients?

Recently, on one of the networks I’m a member of, I was asked how I found clients.  A good question.

Finding clients I’ve discovered is harder for some and a piece of cake for others.  Since opening my business I’ve changed how my website looked, how I viewed finding clients, how I marketed and presented myself.  I’ve added services to the list of administrative services I offer and deleted those which I really didn’t want to do.  In addition, I’ve finally added a whole different range of services for authors – publishing tasks, which can be applied to both self and traditional publishing.

Now that I’ve begun working with the kind of clients and on the projects I want, I’ve been doing a lot of social networking.  Reluctant at first, I’ve come to enjoy it, have made some good contacts and found some clients through it.  I have profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Virtual Assistant Forums, IVAA and a few others.

My latest one is Twitter.  I resisted joining for a long time; guess I didn’t think I had much to say.  However, after networking on other sites, I decided to bite the bullet and create a profile.  I’ve found it useful, interesting, fun and somewhat addictive.  In the typical business arena, I tend to be quiet most of the time, just observing things as they come along.  Being able to network online has helped me to approach individuals and companies with my services.

It’s starting to pay off.  I have a client (found through a networking forum) who I am in the process of finalizing details of the duties needed.  I’ve started working with a publishing company utilizing my new publishing skills and I have two more potential clients due to come on board hopefully by mid-March at the latest.

So for those of you who are reluctant to join the social networking craze, please reconsider.  If you keep at it, you will begin to see positive results.  For me, a nice side benefit is now I’m considering networking more — in person.  🙂

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