National Grammar Day – March 4, 2010

I just discovered there is a Grammar Day celebrated in the United States.  I learn something new every day.  Thinking about this brings to mind something I heard perhaps two years ago on Making the Band.  One of the band members said in response to something, “I don’t know what he done did…”  On national television!  Every time I hear bad grammar, this phrase pops into my head.  I find I have a tendency to compare other poor grammar phrases to this one, trying to find one that is worse than this one.  So far, “I don’t know what he done did…” tops all. 

I know we all have grammar lapses, but I must admit if I had said this in front of cameras, I would want to correct myself immediately.  In a lapse moment what words did you say that you wish you could retract?  Do you think you can go an entire month using proper English, no slang?  It might be harder than you think especially, if you use slang a lot.  Give it a try for the rest of March and see what happens. 


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