My Newbie Challenge – Finding Clients

As a Virtual Assistant or independent contractor, it’s up to the individual to find clients.  When I first started A Novel Space, I thought with the small businesses and entrepreneurs out there, finding clients would be hard at first, but get easier over time.  Right?  Not necessarily.

I have discovered that despite my years of experience, many businesses are hesitant to enter the VA world.  I think I knew this somewhere in the back of my mind.  There are probably many reasons for this reluctance, one of which could be the perception that if you are paying someone to work for you, they must do the work in front of you.  In the eyes of some, with a VA, they are the unseen employee whose word you have to take on faith and hope the results are what you expect them to be.

Fortunately, I believe the idea of hiring a virtual assistant is catching on more and more every day.  I recently read an article where a community college was offering a 27-credit virtual assistant certificate.  Excellent.  I believe the more the mainstream corporate world acknowledges this industry, the less we’ll have to explain what a VA is, and more time we can spend demonstrating our skills.

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My Newbie Challenge – Finding Clients — 1 Comment

  1. Do you remember the article you read and where it was as I am interested in the virtual assistant certificate.

    Thank you.

    Madge Hall

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