A Manifesto

Today is the second day of the 21-Day Momentum Challenge. The challenge for today is to Publish My Micro Manifesto and stating the reason for my gift I’d like to leave the world.

Why do I want to leave the world the ability to appreciate the love of reading-especially a physical book?

I come from a home of readers.  From the age of two years old, I have had a library card.  Growing up we always had books – encyclopedias, dictionary, fiction and non-fiction books.  In high school, a group of us had a fiction book exchange club our senior year.  Today, I still carry a book in my purse, just in case.

It seems today’s generation – pre-school though high school, are at a great disadvantage than we were 20+ years ago or even 10 years ago.  They have trouble on every level: spelling, speaking, writing sentences, etc.  They don’t realize (or seem to care) that if they can’t write or speak properly, they will just spin their wheels in the future.

If today’s kids were to learn to love physical books they would do better in school – become better at math, science, languages – the list is endless.  I look at my nieces & nephew and see endless possibilities for them.  They love to read and as a result, they can write a story, read a menu, follow written instructions, learn a new language, amaze other with their speech and diction, and express themselves in so many ways.

My goal is to show others the possibilities that reading books can lead too.  Using an e-reader is convenient, but holding a book in your hand is more rewarding.  With an e-reader the perception is restricted, since you don’t experience what it feels like to hold the book, turn the pages or appreciate the commitment it took to write it.

Once a person values books, their perception of what is possible shifts and their world opens up.

MANIFESTO:  Here’s the plan: by exposing others to reading books (especially in hard copy), whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, they in turn will open themselves up to the opportunities that await them.

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