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I’m Back…Finally.

A lot has happened in the last few months (the lost of my Dad in April stands out.)  Now I am ready to get back into the swing of things this month.

To start things off, I am participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge ( ) which runs the entire month of July.  The goal is to write a blog entry for every day this month.  Naturally, I had a computer issue yesterday so I am getting a late start, but here goes.




It used to be when an author wrote a book, he/she would send it to an agent, who would take a chance on him/her and find a publisher.  Once the publisher was on board, they would handle everything from editing to marketing the finished product.  The publisher required the writer to review the galleys, and show up for the book signings, readings, interviews or whatever else the publisher lined up.

Today authors need to take more of a hands-on approach to the marketing of their book, if they want good sales.  This means everything from arranging book signings, readings, interviews, creating a promotional website, writing press releases and much more are added responsibilities for a writer.  While dealing with all of these aspects, when does an author have time to do what they do best—write?

Here is where an Author’s Consultant or Assistant can help.  Whether the author is with a traditional publishing house or is self-published, the consultant can take over those marketing tasks that publishers use to handle leaving the galley reviews and various forms to socializing with the readers up to the writer.  The result is the author has more time to research, write, and develop a fan base.

In addition, if the writer is self-published, the author’s assistant can assist in locating an editor, arrange for the book printing, and deal with the details required to have a book published.  When considering the various options available to writers, keep in mind that an author’s consultant or assistant is a useful tool for a writer to have as part of the team.

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