Start Entering Writing Competitions

Creative writing competitions can serve several purposes. One of which is to have you writing. Should you have a maximum word count and a deadline it concentrates the mind and may result in work that otherwise would never have been written.. If you’re given a subject to write about it’s even better.

An additional consideration is fame and fortune. Not a poor incentive, but here we should be sensible. Competitions are generally for short stories and are held by magazines or publishers. The competitions can vary from really small to really big. A few are absolutely free but most have entry fees. This is quite acceptable, as prize money must come from somewhere. Nevertheless entry fees could be very high and should you enter quite a lot of competitions the price of fees adds up alarmingly.

The small creative writing contests have a couple of hundred entries and give you a definite opportunity of winning. In fact some of the} entries are going to be very poor, some will be excluded, because the authors have not studied the submission guidelines correctly, along with a couple will miss the deadline totally. This reduces the opposition to some thing manageable. If you’re a good writer you have a opportunity of being within the top two or three. But what do you get for your trouble? The prize money will probably cover your entry charge as well as the cost of a coffee at Starbucks. You may only obtain a free of charge copy of the magazine sponsoring the competition. That’s about it. Your name will appear on the list of winners, but couple of individuals will read the list. So entering a small competition is little a lot more than writing practice, whatever the outcome. But writers have to begin somewhere and a win or perhaps a shortlist can cheer you up a lot and inspire you to greater things.

Big creative writing competitions are different. They attract an international entry of thousands. The winner gets an amazing prize and a lot of publicity. Not free publicity, do not forget the entry fee, but valuable publicity that may push a career forward. The standard of winners are going to be really high. They may be competition specialists who are not only superb writers but know precisely what the judges are looking for. Perhaps they are published authors who, by definition, are very experienced at their work.

You ought to never think you are not good enough to enter any competition but a reality check is required right here. Simply to be on the shortlist of maybe 100 writers is to have performed well. If you win you’ll have earned your fame and fortune.

Obviously a single sure way to avoid winning a competition isn’t to have entered within the first place. Have a go, you may not win – not at very first anyway – but you will have written your entry. If you don’t achieve the success you expected in the competition. move on to the next writing competition.

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