Get To Know Your Characters

There is a saying that goes it’s all in the details. This is true for character development for a story. The more details you can apply to your characters the more real they will be to the reader. If they can visualize the characters in a story they characters will be real to them. Keep in mind the setting of your story as you develop your characters.

The following are some questions an author can ask and answer to get to know their characters better and as a result, so will the reader.


  • What makes this person unique?
  • What kind of job would the character apply for? What does he or she do now?
  • Where does the character live? In a house? Apartment? Townhome? Farm?
  • What kind of clothes does the character wear?
  • Imagine what the character looks like? Describe him or her in detail.
  • How tall is the character.
  • Draw a realistic picture of the character.
  • Who does the character call friend? Are they male? Female?
  • Does the character have a family? Children? Spouse?
  • What does the character’s extended family consist of? Parents? Siblings?
  • Does the character have any special talent? Quirks?
  • Is the character social? A loner? Outgoing?
  • Is the character educated?


Basically any question you can ask a friend, family member or even yourself can apply.

Now start revealing your characters.

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