Freelance Writing for InFlight Magazines

Do you want a big challenge for your writing career this year? Why not aim for the sky? Set yourself the goal of being published in an in-flight magazine, one of the publications provided by airlines in the seat pockets in front of each passenger.

Many writers dream of being published in an in-flight magazine. Imagine your article being read by travelers as they fly across the globe. Many of those magazines will eventually find new homes – from coffee tables to banks to dentists’waiting rooms – after passengers carry them away after their flights.

Why Write for In-flight Magazines?

There are several good reasons why being featured in an inflight publication is a appropriate target for your writing career.

Firstly, there’s exposure. Secondly, you will have a very impressive publishing credit to add to your writing portfolio. Winning other high-paying assignments will become much easier. Thirdly, you will be well paid. Most inflight publications pay very well, with many paying in the vicinity of a dollar per word.

Diverse Passengers, Diverse Topics

Don’t limit your article ideas to traditional travel writing. Although a lot of airline passengers are on holiday others are travelling for business or other reasons. Also, because passengers come from various walks of life in-flight magazines publish feature articles and departments on quite a wide selection of topics. Their content often includes articles on travel and adventure, dining and entertainment, business, cultural events and the environment, and many other subjects.

Don’t forget when pitching ideas to an in-flight publication that the airline’s route destinations are critical. Every article must have a connection to the destinations and routes of the airline.

Did I Tell You About The Competition?

There’s got to be a catch, right? Well, getting published in an inflight magazine is not going to be a walk in the park. You certainly won’t be the only writer pitching your ideas to these editors. To inform you that it will be highly competitive is possibly an understatement.

Editors of inflight magazines demand a high quality of freelance work, and they usually prefer to work with freelancers who have proven their professionalism.

In-flight Magazines Are Not For Beginners

What if you have just starting out as a freelance writer? Start someplace else. Try targeting your local publications. After you have several features published begin building up to regional magazines. As your portfolio grows you will eventually be ready to target in-flight magazines and other leading publications.

Check out this huge list ofinflight publications

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