4 Ways to Find an Editor – Without an Agent

The general rule (if you are not self-publishing) is that you need to have an agent to sell your manuscript to the right publishing house.  However, sometimes it pays to go it alone.  An author can do a lot of the legwork on his or her own (or with assistance) if they are willing to put in the time.


1)      Attend Writer’s Conferences Whenever Possible.  These are a great way to network with other writers, connect with writer’s groups, and pitch your manuscript to various publishers.  Every other year, I try to attend a couple of romance writer’s conferences.

2)      Enter Writer’s Contests That Have Editors As Judges.  The goal here is to have as many editors in your genre or target market review your manuscript.

3)      Volunteer For A Few Conferences.  Doing so may just provide the right opportunity to discuss your manuscript with the right editor.  Just be careful not to push it; let the editors come to you.

4)      Create An Author’s Platform With Editors In Mind.  Using this particular option, you can cover a number of areas.  Some suggestions include building an audience for your writing (great for future book promotion) or providing a way to share your expertise or knowledge on subjects related to your manuscripts-in-progress.  This can be an easy way to present yourself to editors and publishing houses interested in your writing.


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